About us



Why pineapple and pink?

Pineapple and Pink Swimwear is a brand made by women for women. 

Our swimsuits are created in a sweatshop free environment. We proudly manufacture our garments in a small shop run and operated by women who are paid fair wages, do not allow child labor and and who maintain safe working conditions.

Our swimsuits are NOT mass produced, we make small quantities of each style with quality materials to ensure that the woman who wears them is going to feel confident and exclusive. Each piece is hand cut, and all details are hand sewn.

when buying one of our swimsuits you are getting trendy pieces, exclusive designs, great fit for your body and the amazing feeling of being socially responsible.




The woman behind the brand...

Lola is the designer and creative director behind Pineapple And Pink swimwear. The need to combine her interest in art, fashion and her native country, Colombia, gave birth to the brand.

Graduated in fashion design and fashion marketing from the Art Institute of California-Hollywood and San Francisco, gave her the tools to get inspired and develop one of her biggest goals; an ethical brand that could combine the exquisite materials and craftsmanship that Colombia can provide and the need for some exclusiveness and uniqueness that the market craves. 

Thank you for your support!